Turbo Golf Racing preview: our first impressions

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In this preview we will discover Turbo Golf Racing, a multiplayer game where golf meets four-wheeled vehicles

The guys from Hugecalf Studios have created an interesting project that takes inspiration from the famous multiplayer game Rocket League but in a slightly different guise. In this case, football is replaced by golf, equally creating an interesting mix between sport and the world of motors but with different game mechanics from the famous title of Psyonix. The game in question is Turbo Golf Racing and we have had the opportunity to try the beta on Steam in preview, we just have to tell you what we think.

Get ready for golf never seen before

The beta was held from 28 April to 2 May 2022 and the title is not yet available at the moment. Its release is scheduled later in 2022 and should arrive on both PC and Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, in addition, it will be introduced by day one sull’Xbox Game Pass. Basically the game is a multiplayer PvP focused on gameplay and entertainment, with no story mode available. Consequently, we just have to continue our Turbo Golf Racing preview talking about the real focus of the game, which is the gameplay.

Turbo Golf Racing preview: our first impressions

Towards the hole – Turbo Golf Racing Preview

The game is by no means a Rocket League clone although the basic mechanics are similar. We will have a machine equipped with a turbo that can jump and hit the ball with the front to make it advance on the field. The matches are set up as free-for-all challenges for a total of 8 players. The goal will not be to shoot more than the opponents but to be quick in reaching the hole. The result is an action-packed and extremely fast-paced experience.

Obviously it will not be so easy to reach the goal, during the game they will be present various objects that can be used to slow down our opponents such as the use of lethal missiles or we can get instant turbo reloads to outrun the enemy. The game maps also have a big influence during the game, in fact they will be present footboards that increase speed while reloading the turbo, portals that send the ball in the right directionsand-filled terrain that slows down our vehicle and much more.

The game has 12 levels available (in different biomes) divided into three grand-prix-style races. Depending on the position obtained, we will earn from 1 to 8 points, which will be added up in these three races until the final score is obtained. In the end, whoever scores the most points simply wins. This choice is very interesting as it allows you to overturn the fortunes of a match during the three races. Furthermore, given the very short duration of the challenges, it is natural to play more games in a row because the player will hardly lose the desire to play.

Turbo Golf Racing preview: our first impressions

My racing car has style – Turbo Golf Racing Preview

Continuing our preview of Turbo Golf Racing, in addition to the clashes on the various courses available, too customizing your vehicle is an important aspect of the game. The customization options are many and offer total control over the customization of your car starting from wheels, passing through the bodywork, the ball, up to the paint and aesthetic accessories.

To purchase new accessories it is necessary to consume the “Gears“, A currency that can be used in the shop to better customize our vehicle. To get Gears there are various methods, how to simply participate in the multiplayer mode and get there first to get them in large quantities, or complete some daily challenges present in the game lobby. In addition to the shop, the classic pass full of rewards is available to redeem by leveling our profile.

Turbo Golf Racing preview: our first impressions

Technical section – Turbo Golf Racing preview

On a graphic level the game is made with care and i very bright colors capture the attention making the slopes captivating. While as regards the details it is slightly rough and bare in some respects, also due to the very cartoon artistic style used. Among all, the vehicles are the ones made with the most care, with one large variety of cosmetics, colors and effects available. Seeing them in action on the field is a pure spectacle and entices the player to get more and more Gears to make their racing car more fascinating.

Even on a technical level, the game does not present any flaws, running quietly even on low-end PCs, making it accessible to all gamers of any age. Surely, given the very pop style and the frenetic and immediate gameplay, the title is designed for a young audience. Even if veteran gamers will still find their space because in the long run, Not only speed and reflexes are enough, the game also requires a certain skill and cunning to win.

Turbo Golf Racing preview: our first impressions


In conclusion to this preview dedicated to Turbo Golf Racing we can say that the first impressions are definitely positive. From the beta the title is already in excellent condition without major defects. The only one present at first glance is one certain woodiness in the controls that creates a slight frustration in moving your vehicle. Some maneuvers are inaccurate and sometimes we will struggle to hit the ball or direct it where we want.

Another defect that could arise in the long term is precisely the tracks, since as soon as you learn the routes and shortcuts by heart they could be repetitive over time. The future support of the game will also greatly influence the fate of the title, whether it will be successful or not, because at the moment the beta presents the basic version and contents are not very many. Hopefully when it comes out it will be properly supported with constant updates packed with new cosmetics, tracks, modes and more.

On balance Turbo Golf Racing has all it takes to become one good alternative to Rocket League, without replacing it but offering itself as a good choice when you want to go from a football match to a golf one.

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