Proscenic presented the new P11 Smart vacuum cleaner

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Proscenic, the leading appliance company, recently unveiled its new P11 Smart vacuum cleaner

Proscenic is a company well known for its smart appliances designed to improve the quality of life for families. Over time the company has created several quality products and recently introduced the P11 Smartyour new cordless vacuum cleaner.

P11 Smart boasts long life, power and customization

The new P11 Smart vacuum cleaner has been designed with the intention of offering an excellent user experience, without interruptions. The device is equipped with 8 x 2200mAh high capacity lithium batteries, which makes it easy to manage in a large house without frequent refills. The device, equipped with 3 modes of use guarantees 15 minutes of continuous use at maximum power e up to 60 minutes of battery life with eco mode. Through cyclone filtration, filtering HEPA, the sponge filter and stainless steel tube captures 99.9% of particles, expelling clean air.

It also boasts an advanced motore brushless da 450Wable to reach the 70,000 revolutions per minute and produce a maximum of 30kpa of suction power. The suction capacity allows you to remove residues of any size present in various corners of the house. The device was then equipped with different brushesable to satisfy multiple use cases: one mini-brush capable of achieving a high dust mite removal rate of 99%, a long nozzle designed for holes which makes it easy to clean non-visible areas, a round brush for flat and round surfaces and finally a retractable tube can be positioned up or down for deep cleaning. Moreover, Proscenic also thinks about the needs related to having a animated in the house and has achieved 3 different brushes sold separately which are perfect for the grooming, trimming and hair removal of animals, but also the removal of dust from their fur.

Proscenic presented the new P11 Smart vacuum cleaner

As if that weren’t enough, the P11 Smart is compatible with the smart app Proscenic. The application offers a real-time monitoring of appliance performance, as well as displaying the cleaning time in the different modes. The use of the smart app also allows you to maintain the best performance of the device thanks to the notification of replacement of the accessories of the electric broom. The device is also capable of automatically detect the type of floor and adjust the suction power in real time when sweeping carpets in automatic mode.

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