Turn your story into engaging and playable games with Dorian

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Dorian, the first no-code platform which allows indie writers to easily turn their stories into playable games, one tightened partnership with the world leader in content Lionsgate. The goal is to allow fiction creators to expand the stories behind some of the franchises most popular in Hollywood. Here are the details.

Dorian and Lionsgate, the shocking partnership

Through this unique partnership, Dorian and Lionsgate will launch official events related to well-known Hollywood IPs. creators are welcome to write and submit their fan fiction for a chance to publish licensed games on Dorian.

The first major franchise to kick off the partnership is the iconic Blair Witch.

“When we were first introduced to Dorian and the opportunity it offers creators, we were immediately drawn to the idea of ​​working with them,” he said. Jenefer Brown, Lionsgate EVP.

“We are always looking for new and inspiring ways to engage creators and diverse communities, and through Dorian’s platform, content creators can explore new paths for a narrative experience within the Blair Witch universe.”

From October 15, 2021, creators residing and located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and the Philippines can submit their fanfiction di Blair Witch through the Dorian app to win. Applications will be accepted until October 31, 2021, just in time for Halloween.

The grand prize winner will have access to a virtual meeting with a senior executive from Lionsgate Motion Picture. Bringing to life a new modern take on the Blair Witch franchise, creators need to follow the tip below to develop their story:

Tourists and horror fans gather in Burkittsville, Maryland for a 3-day Blair Witch-themed music festival. Seances, rituals and ghostly themed treasure hunts fill the once scary Black Hills forest. As a successful horror streamer, you think you can tackle it all, right? Your plan: Break the internet by taking on the #SurviveTheWitch challenge. The terrible twist? The festival organizers have something evil in store for the young influencers in attendance. Will you and your crew survive a night in the Black Hills forest… or will you end up livestreaming your death?

The Dorian platform

Creators can sign up through the Dorian app to receive information about the competition.

“We created Dorian with the aim of establishing a new creation and monetization platform for writers that allows them to connect directly with fans in a new and interactive way,” he said. Julia Palatovska, co-founder and CEO of Dorian. “Partnering with Lionsgate will unlock a brand new world of fanfiction – a world where independent creators not only expand their favorite IPs, but also make money doing it.”

The platform has the following features.

  • It allows writers to easily turn their stories into fully animated games that can be played around the world. It also allows you to broadcast live interactive shows to an unlimited global audience, host book clubs, and let attendees vote on choices to determine where the story goes.
  • It offers a new revenue opportunity, more ways to connect with fans, and powerful analytics tools. It allows writers to understand how to engage their audience and turn their readers into loyal fans.
  • The audience and creators of the platform are mostly women and people of color, highlighting the importance of inclusion and diversity in the creator economy.

The platform already has many creators making money, with some having doubled their average revenue per fan since March 2021. With this partnership, Dorian and Lionsgate are offering the public an incredible opportunity.

For more information you can consult the official website.