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Turtle Beach introduces the new REACT-R Controller for Xbox

Turtle Beach expands its GamePad line with the new REACT-R, designed specifically for XBOX. The REACT-R now adds Arctic Camo coloring to the original Recon Controller

Turtle Beach Corporation today unveils the brand new Turtle Beach REACT-R Controllerspecially designed for Xbox, in addition to the new color Arctic Camo for the Recon Controller. The new REACT-R and Recon Controller Arctic Camo are i first Turtle Beach gamepads launched in 2022, which once again underline the company’s commitment to enter such an important market, those of third-party gamepads, in continuous and exciting expansion. Last year, Turtle Beach debuted in this world with the award-winning Recon Controller for Xbox, popular with consumers and the press, able to guarantee immediate and precise commands for the incredible price of € 59.99. The Recon Controller for Xbox is currently available in a Black or White version, but the new Arctic Camo version, arriving on August 10, is now available for pre-order.

Before getting to the heart, we leave you to the words of Juergen StarkPresident and CEO of Turtle Beach Corporation;

The Recon Controller was Turtle Beach’s first major step into the gamepad market. The REACT-R controller offers gamers many of the Recon’s key features at a very attractive price. The REACT-R and the new Arctic Camo Recon Controller are the first in a series of pads we will launch this year for console, PC and mobile gamers

Turtle Beach introduces the new REACT-R Controller: pad for Xbox

The REACT-R Controller is a high-quality pad even more affordable, at the recommended price of € 44.99, which offers players most of the features of the Recon Controller. The REACT-R offers controls for game and chat volume balance, the ability to mute the microphone, and allows players to access the unique audio setting Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing for a competitive advantage. An ergonomic shape with textured grip and triggers, two mappable quick action buttons on the back of the controller and dual vibration motors in the handles complete the features of the REACT-R. The Turtle Beach REACT-R Controller is available in Black or White and is compatible with Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Gamers on Xbox and Windows PC can connect any 3.5mm wired headset to the REACT-R for an instant audio upgrade that includes Turtle Beach’s exclusive patented Superhuman Hearing audio setting. It was demonstrated that Superhuman Hearing gives players a competitive advantage by allowing them to hear the most important audio cues, such as footsteps of approaching enemies. Play longer and stay in control thanks to the ergonomic shape of the controller REACT-R and handles, and textured triggers.

Due Quick-action mappable buttons on the back of the controller allow players to customize the controls for faster reactions. Hear the roar of explosions or the recoil of a pistol shot thanks to the dual vibration motors located in the handle of the REACT-R. Designed for the Xbox, the Recon Controller was the first controller to combine audio innovations with a higher quality controller. Gamers on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, by simply connecting any wired headset with a standard 3.5mm jack, were able to enjoy a competitive advantage of some of the company’s core features, including Superhuman. Hearing, Mic Monitoring, Signature Audio Presets and more. Furthermore, the mode Pro-Aim Focus allows users to adjust the sensitivity of the analog for greater long-range accuracy, while up to four profiles can be saved on each of the rear quick action buttons.

The Recon Controller allows gamers to play longer and stay cooler thanks to its ergonomic shape and chilled rubber grips. The Recon Controller is the perfect companion to any wired gaming headset, such as the Recon 500 from Turtle Beach, or the Recon 70, one of the company’s best-selling headphones ever. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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