Turtle Beach’s Stealth Pro headset review: Premium quality without any compromises

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The importance of listening to the surroundings, the footsteps of enemies or environmental sounds, are an indispensable element for gamers, whether you are looking for success in competitive titles or more involvement in single player ones. In this Turtle Beach Stealth Pro reviewwe will tell you about our beautiful, beautiful experience during the test of these cuffie wireless.

Before starting, we want for a moment to put an apparent brake on the idyll of love that is about to begin, revealing in advance the around 330€ which are needed to have these headphones. Let’s start with the price because we know that many of you’ve wallets have jumped reading this figure, but it’s necessary. Paragraph after paragraph you will understand with us that the extraordinary quality of these headphones is worth every single penny.

But let’s start in order.

Our review of Turtle Beach’s Stealth Pro wireless gaming headset

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Headset is a pair of wireless headphones designed for gamers. The version of this review is designed to work best on PC and PlayStation 5 but we also find one suitable for Xbox. Turtle Beach’s choice to dedicate two Stealth Pro models to the new generation (or rather, current generation) consoles makes us understand the company’s intention to make us get the most out of both consoles.

The goal is to provide a complete audio solution for players on different platforms, including PC, consoles but also mobile devices. With a host of advanced features, such as Active Noise Canceling (ANC), Bluetooth connectivity and swappable batteries, these headphones promise to deliver a high-quality, immersive gaming experience.


The design of the Stealth Pro Turtle Beach is understated and minimalist, with clean lines and metallic finishes that give a high quality and professional look. The structure is made of aluminum and plastic, while the ear cups are covered in soft memory foam and leatherette to ensure comfort and noise isolation.

On the Right pavilion we find the on / off button, bluetooth and active noise reduction. Here we also find the remappable volume wheel and the central mode button. All, reprogrammable through theapp Turtle Beach Audio Hub. The left pavilion houses the detachable noise canceling microphone (which we will discuss shortly) and relative key to activate/deactivate it. Inside the left cuff, hidden under a plastic cover that can be removed using magnets, we find the battery of the interchangeable headphones. In fact, in the package we will find one double battery with a duration of about 12 hours each so as to guarantee continuous energy allowing us to charge one battery pack while the other is in use.

In fact, we will be given a practical one charging hub for battery (via USB Type-C) circular shape and LED decorations to recharge the replacement battery. Thanks to the fast charging support, we will be able to enjoy about 3 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes of charging.


Turtle Beach Stealth Pro recensione 1 1the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro charging HUB

In addition to being beautiful and elegant, these headphones boast a really great sound quality. I powerful 50mm Nanoclear drivershand-picked, not only are the largest on the market but they are also matched to eliminate differences between left and right speakers. This translates in a superior bass response and extremely detailed reproduction of the sound environment. As anticipated, there is not even the active noise cancellation can reduce external noise by up to 25dB.

Background noise reduction even with the headset microphone specifically tuned to pick up only your voice, reducing up to 97% of background noise. Thanks to the use of a cardioid polar pattern and the SMART noise canceling technology (Sonic Measurement Audio Reduction Tuning), il TruSpeak microphone it actively adapts to ambient noise, giving space only to our voice.

In addition to the detachable microphone, there is also a built-in microphone for Bluetooth connections.

Turtle Beach Audio Hub

The headset and its functions are supported by Turtle Beach Audio Hubthe company’s application that allows us to customize and optimize the settings of the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro headset, offering a wide range of configuration and equalization options.

From here we will be able to customize headset controls assigning specific functions to the various buttons and wheels on the earcups. This allows you to have more direct and personalized control over the functions and settings of the headphones during the game or create specific profiles according to the types of titles. Settings for all ears and all needs

Our test of Turtle Beach’s Stealth Pros

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro recensione 1

We had Turtle Beach’s Stealth Pro headset for about 2 weeks on trial during which they replaced our Turtle Beach Recon 500 (find the review here). We’ll try to be as professional as possible and not scream miracles, but these are truly the most sensational and versatile headphones we’ve ever tried.

All in all, the design has no particularities. A fairly basic style, but elegant and made with excellent materials. Weight and dimensions are in line with the standards on the market for premium headphones, which translates into a remarkable lightness that does not weigh on the head even after many hours of use. The real magic happens as soon as we put them on, giving ourselves one truly exceptional audio quality and fully customizable according to our needs or usage habits.

The noise cancellation is so powerful that we had to reduce it to avoid missing the delivery of some courier, perfect for those who want to concentrate only on the game. In regards to this, we have tried the headphones with many video games, from FPS to strategic, to MOBA. The degree of immersion is very high and in line with the expectations given by the brand.

Double battery and central HUB

The charging hub is the icing on the cake. In addition to recharging the battery, it also has a switch for when using the PC or the PlayStation 5 and needless to say that on both occasions it always proves to be at the top. Having spent over €500 on a PS5 and not fully savoring its audio potential was truly a waste.

We also greatly appreciated the dual battery that completely eliminates the main problem of wireless devices: low battery life. In addition to guaranteeing about 12 hours of use (truly), the possibility of changing it in a few seconds enormously increases the amount of time of use allowing us to use them in more complex situations, for example during a live Twitch.

Turtle Beach’s Stealth Pro review in a nutshell

Stealth Pro PlayStation 5

If after what has been said in this review, the price of these Turtle Beach Stealth Pros of around €300 still seems a lot to you, we have not been able to better explain the potential of this device.

Design, performance, autonomy, audio and recording quality have reached very high levels like no other pair of wireless headphones has ever given us. We are facing an exceptional pair of headphones that will be able to satisfy even the most attentive gamer to the audio performance of their video games.

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