5 ways to make photos on Instagram safer

Instagram: da oggi l'adesivo con link sulle Storie è disponibile per tutti

The most famous and used social network in the world is Instagram where the sharing of photos with friends, relatives and one’s followers is king

Every detail of our life can be shared with the people we love most on this world-famous platform but after the recent cases of stolen profiles and hacking, a question arises: how to protect your photos?

Even if it may seem like a strange question, it is completely founded. In fact, it has often happened that the photos published by a person are borrowed or even stolen by other users without having obtained authorization.

If you want to avoid this problem and make your photos safer, you’ve come to the right place. We have prepared a guide with all the information you absolutely need to know to protect your photos on Instagram.

Useful tips to ensure the safety of your Instagram profile and your shots

In an era where social networks are in charge, many people use platforms such as Instagram to share a part of their lives. However, these photos can be used by other users without first expressing their consent.

To ensure your security and privacy, we invite you to take a look at these 5 useful tips that you should put into practice.

1. Add a watermark

Image theft is commonplace despite Instagram revising its terms of use of photos by third parties. If you want to block attempts to steal your shots, we have a tip for you: create a watermark. It’s a personal logo that you can add to your images to claim ownership, a brand that can’t be removed and will let the public know that the photo belongs to you.

2. Manage and change photo settings

Thanks to the innovation of Instagram, you can manage your photos as best you want. In this case, what is recommended is to crop the image to remove all sensitive and personal content from the photo. In addition, you should check the photo sharing options that have been set in your profile so as to avoid their dissemination on other platforms.

3. Turn on two-factor authentication

Making your profile safer is the mandatory step if you want to ensure the safety of your photos. For this, we want to advise you to set up two-factor authentication as a security system. In this way, to access your account, you not only have to enter a password but also a verification code that will only arrive on your mobile phone.

4. Put your account in private mode

Another method that you should try to put into practice is to change the configuration of your account and switch it to private so that only your followers to whom you have granted permission can see your photos. This is the main option that will allow you to keep your images away from prying eyes and keep an eye on who has access to your content.

5. Do not share personal data

We all love Instagram because it allows us to share a piece of our life with whoever we want. But if you want to keep your photos safe, we recommend that you do not publish addresses, documents and financial information. If some of your shots contain this data, but you still want to share it because it turned out well, you could use a photo cropping app. You will see that, by following a few simple steps, you will be able to remove sensitive information that could be used by the bad guys and protect your images in record time.