TVCMALL Introduces B2B Wholesale Innovations for Mobile Accessories at CES 2024

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At CES 2024, TVCMALL showcased its innovations for mobile accessories. Let’s find out all the details in this article

During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this January, B2B mobile accessories supplier TVCMALL teamed up with Miss CosmoWorld 2023, Shelby Ann Howell, to introduce the range of innovative consumer electronicsmobile accessories and the company’s B2B services, including product and packaging customization, sourcing and dropshipping.

TVCMALL Introduces B2B Wholesale Innovations for Mobile Accessories at CES 2024

At the stand of TVCMALL, representatives explored the company’s experience and innovation in the B2B technology accessories market. The CES, known for highlighting the latest in AI, robotics and an innovative OLED screen, and Volkswagen’s announcement of integrating ChatGPT into their in-car voice assistant, IDA. In the context of unveiling such high-profile innovations, tier-one product suppliers and e-commerce service providers in the field of mobile and 3C electronic devices and accessories have partnered with new customers while demonstrating their product lines and services. TVCMALL was among these suppliers.

As a shop B2B wholesale mobile phone accessories set, TVCMALL sells over 10 million phone cases per year and offers more than 750,000 products, with 6,000 new items added weekly. Among the items exhibited at TVCMALL, the Amorus neck phone holder attracted attention, with its innovative 360° magnetic grip, ergonomic design and versatility of use for hands-free vlogging. TVCMALL also displayed a wide range of products suitable for wholesale, including ZEALOT speakers and headphones, phone stands, chargers, camera accessories, and the iPhone 15 protective case series and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 line.

In addition to demonstrating its products, TVCMALL shared details about its tailored B2B services with CES attendees. Offering 95% of their products with no minimum order requirements and guaranteeing 3-day shipping, the company is an adaptable and accessible partner for businesses of various sizes. Customization services, strategic sourcing and efficient dropshipping options were also showcased, with TVCMALL emphasizing its commitment to being a complete B2B wholesale partner for retail businesses, large and small.

TVCMALL’s mission focuses on empowering entrepreneurs to launch and sustain successful retail businessesa commitment highlighted by their slogan, “Together, we thrive”. The company is also engaged in various community giving initiatives established through its Help Them Thrive Program (HTTP). At the TVCMALL booth, Shelby Ann Howell revealed her motivation for partnering with TVCMALL for CES 2024.

“Winning Miss CosmoWorld 2023 inspired me to dedicate time to various charitable organizations and give back to the community,” said Shelby. “This desire resonates deeply with TVCMALL’s mission. Every transaction with TVCMALL goes beyond a simple sale; it is a step towards entrepreneurial empowerment and business success.”

TVCMALL Introduces B2B Wholesale Innovations for Mobile Accessories at CES 2024

Looking ahead, TVCMALL plans to continue sharing its one-stop wholesale offering globally, with the company next stopping in Spain at MWC Barcelona 2024 from 26 to 29 February. For further news from the world of the web and technology, continue to tune in to

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