Twitch against disinformation

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In the wake of the fight against disinformation, theApp di Twitch updates the policy stating that bannerà i creator which they share frequently fake news. Indeed, as reported by The New York Times, the platform will block “the super broadcasters of disinformation who persistently share false news inside or outside Twitch”. A move that perfectly meets the needs of the moment. On the other hand, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has only increased disinformation on social media. And the Twitch App has certainly not been excluded.

Twitch: App updates the policy against disinformation

“Every day, people come together on Twitch to create communities that celebrate a variety of interests, passions and talents. We are proud that Twitch can bring people together, but we don’t believe that people who use online services to spread false and harmful information have a place in our community. While these people are not prevalent on Twitch, they could cause significant harm if allowed on our service. ” Thus the platform (delicately) announces its decision to update the fake news policy.

Initially, fewer than 100 channels will be affected by this update. “We seek to remove users whose online presence is dedicated to persistently sharing widely disproved and widely shared malicious disinformation topics,” Twitch’s App said on his blog. In particular, great attention will be paid to the dissemination of news on topics such as i vaccines for Covid-19the election fraud and conspiracy theories relating to medical treatment. But they will also be punished content that promotes violenceas well as those that put public safety at risk in emergency conditions.

To this list must also be added Russian media channels who are spreading false and biased news about Ukraine. A behavior that certainly cannot exempt them from a more or less definitive ban. In any case, to make sure that the content shared by streamers is really fake, the Twitch App uses organizations and experts in the sector. By doing so, the platform makes sure to give users truthful news. An important step for the App.