stellantis Ukrainian donation for one million euros

Stellantis dona 1 milione di euro per aiutare  la popolazione ucraina thumbnail

The war between Russia and Ukraine has mobilized many large companies to provide humanitarian aid for the civilian population which, as always, unfortunately, is the most affected and the one that suffers most when there is a bloody armed conflict. Although many car manufacturers have to deal with the supply problems of the many raw materials produced in Russia that are slowing down the production of vehicles, no one seems to want to hold back in offering economic aid to the Ukrainian population. This is the case of the Stellantis group, which despite having been forced to stop production at its Melfi plant due to a lack of raw materials, wants to make its closeness felt to Ukrainian civilians affected by the war.

In a note delivered to the media, Stellantis NV, through its Foundation, has decided to donate 1 million euros in humanitarian aid to support Ukrainian refugees and civilians displaced by the current crisis. With the support of Stellantis’ head of operations in Ukraine, Stellantis will rely on a local NGO to support Ukrainians in using this fund.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavarez

“Stellantis condemns violence and aggression and, in this time of unprecedented pain, our priority is the health and safety of our Ukrainian employees and families”, said Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis. “An aggression has been launched that has shaken a world order, already troubled by uncertainty. The community of Stellantis, made up of 170 nationalities, looks with dismay at the civilians fleeing the country. Even if the scale of the causes is not yet evident, the human toll will be unbearable ”.

Stellantis currently has 71 employees who work in Ukraine and immediately put in place a dedicated support team 24/7, to actively monitor their health and safety. At the moment, the press release reads, everyone is safe.

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