Twitch and other Internet services are down today December 15, 2021

Twitch e altri servizi Internet sono down oggi 15 dicembre 2021 thumbnail

This afternoon, December 15 2021, registered a new down of various Internet services starting from Twitch, one of the most affected, and from PSN. The downtime of Internet services also involved other services that use Amazon Web Services which, therefore, a few days after the previous malfunctions continues to record a slowdown in its services.

Twitch, PSN, and other Internet services are down today December 15, 2021

The problem was detected in the early afternoon in Italy. In the last few hours, several Twitch users initially started reporting malfunctions on the part of the social dedicated to live streaming. Similar problems have been encountered by the PSN and other services using Amazon Web Services. In the last few minutes, some problems seem to have subsided but the alert remains high. Amazon Web Services, on his official site, announced that it had solved some problems that emerged in North America.

Twitch statements

Twitch, this afternoon, confirmed to be aware of the malfunctions. Twitch support pointed out that the team is already hard at work trying to get the platform back up and running. Unlike what was stated by AWS, for the moment, Twitch’s support channels have not confirmed the complete resolution of the issues that emerged. More details will arrive, of course, in the next few hours.