Twitch announces new monetization tools

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Over the course of 2022, Twitch has implemented several innovations to allow creators to capitalize on the monetization of their content. The platform today announced that it intends to continue on this path also in 2023, with a letter to the community signed by Tom VerrilliChief Product Officer, e Mike MintonChief Monetization Officer.

Starting with an overview of what was done in 2022, Verrilli and Minton announced how Twitch wants to help creators monetize in 2023.

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What happened in 2022

Starting from features already present on the platform, Twitch 2022 was characterized by the introduction of new tools, useful for all users, regardless of the size of their channel. A commitment, this, which has brought streamers a total profit of over 1 billion dollars. Specifically we point out:

  • Lowering the minimum payment thresholdwhich has enabled an ever-increasing number of streamers to make money from their business.
  • Introduction of Guest Star to encourage collaboration between streamers
  • New channel analytics that allow streamers to better monitor their data.
  • Launch of SUBtemberwhich took place in September, to encourage viewers to concretely support their favorite creators.
  • Renewed the tool fundraiser, now more transparent and easier to use. The result was a 250% increase in charity streaming.
  • Introduction of various tools aimed at maximize the impact of interactionslike featured chats.

Twitch’s new monetization tools in 2023

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“Twitch’s goal is to continue the journey that began last year – reads the letter – by expanding the reach of all the features introduced in 2022”. Specifically, here’s how the platform intends to move this year:

  • Continue to maximize theinteraction between streamers and communities. Initiatives like SUBtember, hugely successful in 2022, will be repeated, with both global and local reach, to drive greater support for streamers.
  • Sara encouragedwith the introduction of new tools, the creation of collateral content starting from livestreamingwith the aim of facilitating the promotion of their lives even outside of Twitch, for example through a collaboration with Twitter.
  • Changes will be made in the first part of the year to improve the advertisement managementfrom pre-rolls to an alert designed to avoid abrupt interruptions of live shows.
  • Keep improving Guest Star, with the aim of further facilitating its use. They will also be introduced new metrics within analytics and more effective discovery tools to facilitate the discovery of new content.

You can read the open letter of Tom Verrilli e Mike Minton at this link.

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