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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for geeky couples

The new year has just begun, leaving behind several holidays and anniversaries, but welcoming others. In fact, lovers will soon be able to celebrate their anniversary, or rather Valentine’s Day

During this day, couples tend to exchange gifts, choosing among the numerous Valentine’s Day gift ideas, perhaps based mainly on the tastes or habits of the person receiving the gift, in order to combine business with pleasure.

Today we’re going to see what are the best ideas to give geek couples a gift, a term that has become almost as common nowadays as the word nerd, even if not everyone knows that initially these terms were used in a derogatory way.

What does it mean to be a Geek?

It is fair to say that fortunately, nowadays this term is no longer used offensively, but in a self-referential way, it is used as a source of pride for those who express it. By Geek we mean an expert person, or with a passion such as to seem or even be obsessed, towards something, and this something often turns out to be technology, but it would be simplistic to limit ourselves to this.

In the past, the origins of this term were used to define a stupid, foolish person, the village idiot or a fool. A bit like what happened to the term nerd, once used to indicate a person as unsuitable and clumsy, while now it represents a person with a strong passion in certain areas, videogames and technology above all.

Where romance and geeks meet

Like everything else, holidays and ways to celebrate have evolved, and gifts are no exception. Although always welcome by your loved one, bouquets of flowers and chocolates are now outdated, or rather, evolved. If your significant other is a geek or a geek, the variety of gifts to choose from increases dramatically. Why not kill two birds with one stone, combining a gift with something related to her passion?

Valentine’s Day mugs: always useful and frequently used

Even if it may seem a bit trivial as a choice, you will change your mind. Obviously we are not talking about giving a simple cup, but a personalized one or one depicting the themes of her passion. The world of nerds and geeks have always been united, so perhaps the mug could have a theme that represents his favorite video game or TV series. Mugs with a particular shape are very fashionable, such as the faces of the protagonists or iconic objects, but even a pair of mugs representing a photo of a moment you have together will certainly be greatly appreciated or perhaps even more.

Themed key rings

The same speech made for cups can be extended to other accessories, among which key rings stand out, objects of very common use and which we find ourselves touching or using several times a day, so why not make it special?

In addition to being able to choose the theme, keychains lend themselves very well to being personalized, and given their truly variable proportions they can satisfy any request, being able to contain a sentence dedicated to our other half, a photo of us together, or why not, both.

Romantic clothing

This is probably the most varied field to choose from, for the gift to give to our partner or life partner. The clothing is of daily use, a factor that makes it the perfect gift for all those who want to combine thought with utility. Here too, given the strong link between the geek and nerd worlds, once you have identified the item of clothing you want to give away, you can look for something themed.

An idea that could be greatly appreciated is to give both members of the couple clothing representing one of the two protagonists of a beautiful love story, so that both are visible when they are together.

Custom accessories

The field of accessories is another territory that offers a lot of choice and on which you can indulge yourself as you see fit. Geeks as mentioned before, among other things, love technology, and nowadays technology and its many devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on, are increasingly popular. You can seize the opportunity and take advantage of this opportunity, giving away a smartphone cover or a case for some other accessory, always resorting to appealing themes, or personalisation.

You can also think of giving something less used as a gift, but which in any case does not go unnoticed, such as personalized sofa cushions, decorative photo frames, perhaps with a photo of the couple inside, or candles with personalized candle holders or even geek/nerd themed coasters.

Useful thinking

The way of saying “just the thought” certainly has its share of reason, but when it comes to a gift to give to your loved one, it loses much of its value. For this reason, among the various suggestions listed above, we have tried to combine business with pleasure, with objects that are often used every day, and which can bring more than a smile to mind every time we find ourselves using them, warming us the heart.