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Twitch Rivals Zero Build Showdown ft Fortnite: i risultati finali!

Late yesterday evening the new Twitch Rivals Zero Build Showdown dedicated to Fortnite ended: let’s find out together the final results and the winning teams

Fortnite’s no-construction mode was initially added by Epic Games for a limited time and to give veterans of the title a different experience. It was then so much appreciated that it made the company think of making it a permanent mod, separate from the classic game, to make sure that those not interested in the part of collecting materials and construction in Fortnite can live a purely Battle Royale experience. And indeed it was, in the end, and the Zero Build Mode has officially been part of the Fortnite offering for a while now.

Obviously, the competitive community was certainly not long in coming, creating a series of tournaments based exclusively on the new mode, more frenetic and dynamic than the previous ones. Yesterday evening the Twitch Rivals Zero Build Showdown ft Fortnite was held, the last of these all-Italian tournaments, of which we have explained the rules and prize money in a dedicated article that you can find here. Here we will instead see who are the winning teams of the tournament, with the ranking of the top 11 in order of score. The team that won the highest prize was POW3R, which was awarded a prize of $ 21,000 to be shared among the three team members.

The final results of the Twitch Rivals Zero Build Showdown ft Fortnite: here is the ranking!

Below you will find the ranking of the top 11 teams in order of score:

  • Team POW3Rtv: 134 points | $ 21,000
  • Team SolaryFortnite: 133 points | $ 15,000
  • Team MrSavage: 106 points | $ 10500
  • Team EWROON: 98 points | $ 8250
  • Team Nikof: 92 points | $ 6750
  • Team Xiuder_: 90 points | $ 3,000
  • Team sujagg: 85 points | $ 3,000
  • Team pizfn: 83 points | $ 3,000
  • Team KayzahR: 81 points | $ 3,000
  • Team GirlyBella: 77 points | $ 3,000
  • Team turntdaisy: 76 punti | 1500$
  • And these were the results of the Twitch Rivals Zero Build Showdown ft Fortnite which took place last night. Did you follow the competition? Did you have fun? Let us know below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on gaming and tech themes! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!

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