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Twitch supports creators with an incentive program

We know that the Twitch App is very keen on creator satisfaction. No wonder, then, that the platform recently launched a program to help them make money from advertisements. An initiative that takes the name of Ads Incentive Program -AIP – and which offers select partners to stream for a specified number of hours, while simultaneously running ads at a flat rate. A real incentive program, which will make creators from all over the world happy.

Twitch: App lancia l’Ads Incentive Program

To incentivize creators’ earnings on the platform, the Twitch App has launched the Ads Incentive Program, a program that offers incentives to select users. In this way, the platform addresses two important needs: “Reliable and predictable income is important to streamers, and managing ads can be a time-consuming hassle when creating content.” But how does it really work? In a very simple way.

Twitch App

Through the Ads Manager dashboard, the selected creators will have the possibility to accept – or not – some particular offers. Like streaming for 40 hours during the month and spending two minutes every hour on advertisements for $ 100. If the offer proves attractive, then creators will have the opportunity to accept it, as long as they meet all the conditions. While the App offers streamers the option to opt out at any time, even if they will only receive a payment proportional to the commitment shown.

At the end of the month, creators will be able to collect their ad revenue. In this way, the Twitch App puts itself in the position of guarantee all streamers a certain profit. After all, we know that this will be one of the professions of the future, and the platform is working to make it possible.

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