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Valve unveils Steam Deck compatible titles through a new tool

Valve recently made it available on Steam a new tool that allows you to check which games are compatible with Steam Deck, his new portable console. Let’s find out all the details together.

Steam Deck: What Games Are Compatible?

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Valve has made one available new Steam feature which allows you to see in your library what games are compatible with the console. You can check the necessary requirements by visiting the official website and logging in with your Steam credentials.

This new function will then tell you if the selected titles are compatible O less and will divide them into groups. Moreover, highlighting the individual titles on the page and by clicking on “Steam Deck Compatibility”, Steam will offer more details on the title and its performance on the console.

As mentioned earlier, Steam also separates the titles compatible but that require some changing settingsthe. In some cases, in fact, it will be necessary to tinker a bit before being able to play. The Steam page breaks down the titles playable from the titles check. What is the difference? Verified are 100% compatible titles, which you can play immediately.

Playable titles, on the other hand, may need some changes or they warn you that not everything will be perfect: maybe the text in the game it will appear small or, before you can play, it will be necessary install some software, which is a hindrance if you want to play immediately. Rest assured and do not be disheartened because, as mentioned earlier, you can find all relevant details of each title by clicking on Steam Deck Compatibility.

Finally Steam also shows us a group of games that, at least for now, do not work and they are not supported by the console. Among them we find VR titles but also Hunt: Showdown and Warhammer Vermintide 2. Again, however, do not worry because the titles could soon become compatible. For more information on Steam Deck you can consult the official website.

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