Twitch: / twitchgaming returns

After last summer full of dedicated events on Twitch, things are heating up again with the / twitchgaming rally for summer 2021

But what happens up Twitch? Simple, with /twitchgaming, players, authors, developers and publishers will celebrate together all the news in the field of video games. Moreover, the community has grown dramatically over the years! So let’s try to understand a little better together what it is about specifically and what can be expected from this event.

Twitch: the appointment with / twitchgaming is underway

First of all, let’s start by saying that / twitchgaming will be understood as a real gathering focused on press conferences, such as the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, Twitch Rivals, news, exclusive content, special announcements and interviews from the platform’s best-known streamers. Finally, during the closing ceremony on Sunday, three emoticon awards will be offered for the best moments based on the Chat Decoder data provided by the community. Considering the entire weekend, the frequency of use of biblethump, LUL and pogchamp will be identified, identifying respectively the best moment of each emoticon during the show.

Twitch: / twitchgaming returns

The appointment has therefore been set for next 10 June starting at 10.00 with the following guests and many others that will be announced in the course of these days in view of the event.

  • Xbox
  • Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live
  • Return Digital
  • Netflix Geeked
  • Guerrilla Collective
  • Wholesome Games
  • Frontier Developments
  • Amazon Games
  • Future Games Show presentato da GamesRadar
  • PC Gaming Show presentato da PC Gamer
  • Battlestate Games
  • Facepunch Studios
  • Sega
  • IO Interactive

Once this is said, therefore keep yourselves free! Also, if you want to get yourself some “Refresher titles” at the best price possible, click here while, if you want to be always updated on the world of video games of yesterday and today, then stay with us on!