Twitch updates: more emoticons and more ways to connect

Twitch migliora i filtri delle chat per la sicurezza dei creator thumbnail

the emoticon are the language of the Twitch: for this reason the entertainment platform has decided to update his service. They are now available to all authors and female authors new ways to express yourself in chat. Let’s find out all the new features together.

Affiliate and Affiliate Love – New Emoticon Slots on Twitch

In the past, affiliates and affiliates started their journey with a unique emoticon slot. Now, following the various feedback received from users, Twitch has added five emoticon slots. The new slots represent five opportunities to express oneself, describe emotions and convey one’s personality.

By achieving specific milestones, affiliates and affiliates can, moreover, unlock a total of nine slots. Emoticons are one of the best ways to grow and reward your community. Twitch revealed that it hopes all affiliates and all affiliates can access the additional slots within the next few weeks.

They are also on the way animated version emoticons and functionality Simple animation, which will help users to convert easily and for free static emoticons in their respective animated versions. Again, Twitch expects that all affiliates and affiliates will be able to access the animated emoticons in the coming weeks.

Finally, as you may have noticed earlier this month, Twitch is releasing the splendid encounter between emoticons and data: analytic emoticon. Emoticons are unique to each author or author, they are a way to express themselves. For authors who think about their community, it is useful to know how and when emoticons are used. For this Twitch sets out to offer them all the necessary tools to improve and refine the channel.

A few weeks ago the platform started publishing a emoticon analytics functionality. Based on community feedback, partners, partners, affiliates and affiliates can now access the emoticon analytic. For more details you can consult the official website.