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Twitter adds blue check to accounts of deceased celebrities

Elon Musk had assured that from now on all users would have to pay to get the blue tick: only those who pay for the Twitter Blue subscription will be verified. But after disabling the old system, Twitter began to re-verify some famous users and accounts with millions of followers. Indeed, it has also given the free blue check to Twitter accounts belonging to recently deceased celebrities. Without changing the disclaimer that says they paid for the subscription and for verification.

Twitter, the blue check also to the accounts of dead celebrities

Twitter is granting its own blue check to several personalities, although last week it removed all those who did not pay. Among them are some critics of the measure such as Stephen King e LeBron James. But also the writer Neil Gaimanthe actor Ron Perlman, il WITH and not only.

“For those wondering, I haven’t subscribed to Twitter Blue,” Neil Gaiman tweeted on Sunday afternoon. “I have not given anyone my phone number. What a depressing and confusing place this has become.” His colleague Stephen King also wrote something similar.

twitter blue check celebrity payout min

It is not known how many Twitter users have verified this way. Musk said on Friday that he had “personally” paid for the Twitter Blue subscription for some celebrities, such as LeBron James and Stephen King.

In addition, accounts that had been from were also verified over the weekend Chadwick Boseman, Kobe Bryant e Anthony Bourdain, celebrities who disappeared long before Musk bought Twitter. If you click on one of the blue check marks associated with these accounts, the same message appears. “This account is verified because they are signed up for Twitter Blue and have verified their phone number.”

It is not known whether anyone paid to verify these accounts or if Twitter gave it the blue check for free. Many of those who have received verification without paying are pissed off by this development. Because if the blue check was given for free, they should write it by clicking the check. And if someone else paid for it, it’s certainly not the deceased person: so what does “verified account” mean? And why all these concessions? Twitter hasn’t had a PR office since Musk arrived, so we’ll have to wait for some new tweets from him to figure it out.

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