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Data model: how to migrate from Google Analytics 3 to version 4

Thanks to Analytics you can optimize your online presence, achieve your marketing objectives and improve your conversion rate

GA4 is the new version of Google Analytics, which replaces Universal Analytics 3. The service is free and allows you to collect quantitative and qualitative data to analyze the statistics of visitors to your website. Thanks to Analytics you can optimize your online presence, achieve your marketing objectives and improve your conversion rate.

It is recommended to migrate to version 4 as soon as possible

Universal Analytics 3 will officially make way for GA4 starting July 2023. The new web statistics tracking model is available now. It is strongly recommended to migrate to the new version of Google Analytics as soon as possible. The main risk related to not migrating is the loss of statistical data, since the history of the information present in Universal Analytics 3 will be available only for a limited period of time after the switch to GA4.

Prepare for migration

Before preparing for the migration and discovering how to consciously move from Analytics 3 to 4, you need to understand how the respective data models work.

The Analytics Data Model 3: session centric

Universal Analytics uses a session-centric (session-based) data model to track user interactions on the website. Within a session, information about user behavior, such as purchases and page views, is recorded. To get insight into user actions during a session, you need to implement additional tracking events.

The Data Model of Analytics 4: event-centric

GA4 uses an event-centric data model that captures any user interaction on the website in the form of an event, recording detailed information on user behavior such as, for example, the title of the page visited or the economic value of a purchase.

Unlike GA3’s session-centric model, where only a limited number of actions within a session can be tracked, GA4 allows you to collect more tracking events and customize them based on your business goals. Using GA4, you can obtain detailed reports on the actions performed by users, allowing you to make more informed marketing decisions.

Is it better to rely on a professional or proceed with a “do-it-yourself” migration?

Difficult to find a “universal” answer to this question, of course for companies that consider the web channel important for their business, the advice is to entrust the migration to an expert consultant who is aware of the critical issues that the transition to the new GA4 entails. Not setting up Google Analytics correctly can have negative consequences for the website and more generally for online business. If the configuration of Google Analytics is incorrect, the information collected could be incomplete or even incorrect, making it impossible to carry out reliable analyzes on site performance and investments in marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics: who to trust?

Professional and competent support for the migration from GA3 to GA4 can be found in Christian Cilli’s Seo Leader. Christian Cilli is an SEO expert in web analytics, in addition to managing the transition to the new version of the analysis platform, offers all the tools necessary to better understand user behavior on the site and optimize marketing strategies. Christian Cilli’s Google Analytics consultancy allows you to make the most of all the platform’s features, ensuring correct configuration, to collect the information essential to making informed business decisions.