Twitter and direct messages: lots of small improvements on the way

Twitter: piccoli aggiornamenti per i messaggi diretti thumbnail

Twitter announced the decision to make several small updates for i direct messages (DM), which will arrive in the coming weeks. Among these, the possibility of send content and direct messages to multiple people in separate conversations, instead of accidentally creating a group chat. The update will arrive first for iOS and web, to arrive “soon” also for Android.

Twitter introduces some updates for direct messages

Among the upcoming updates, that of sharing to multiple accounts is perhaps the most interesting of the novelties. You can share a tweet in 20 different conversations at a time. A function that perhaps the average user will use little but that content creators could use to report news to the most active followers.

For iOS users, Twitter also slightly modifies the “timestamps“, The indications of date and place of the messages. In fact, if before each message had its own date and time, now they will be grouped by day (as happens in many messaging apps). This is mainly to make “cleaner” and smoother the screen. In addition, Apple users will be able to add a reaction not only by double tapping on the message but also holding down. The Android users will have to wait for these functions. But they will be able to quickly scroll through conversations and return to the most recent one with a contextual button, as will happen for iOS users.

Twitter is working more and more on direct messages, trying to introducing small changes at a constant pace. In recent months, tools have arrived to report abuse in messages (in particular the sharing of disinformation regarding COVID). And then services to share the virtual rooms of Spaces. They also recently changed the font.

Finally, in addition to messages, Twitter has announced news for all users, among which the possibility of subscribe to Twitter’s Revue newsletters directly from the content creator’s profile. This novelty starts on Android and the web, and then arrives soon on iOS.

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