Twitter announces a new API with free, basic, and enterprise tiers

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Announced in recent months, the revolution for accessing the Twitter API is about to become reality. The company has announced in these hours that developers will be able to choose between three membership levelsone of which is free.

For those not too accustomed to the tech world, the API – acronym of Application Programming Interface – allow third-party developers to implement their own features on the host platform. In this case the host platform, which provides access to the API, is Twitter.

Twitter API: the three levels of subscription

In addition to free plandevelopers will be able to subscribe to a basic plan (which we know will cost $100 a month) and one corporate. The prices of the latter have not been announced, but we can imagine that it will be much more expensive than the basic plan (according to TechCrunch it will cost $42,000 a month).

The free tier provides the only access to the Ads API, which is used by content publishing bots, and provides access to just 1,500 post requests per month. The basic plan, designed for “hobbyists or students”, guarantees 50,000 post requests and 10,000 read requests per app per month. Developers who want access to more data will have to subscribe to the very expensive Enterprise plan instead.

More generally, the new subscriptions will replace the previous Standard (for v1.1), Essential and Elevated (for v2), and Premium plans. Twitter has promised that old levels will be removed within 30 days.