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Twitter announces the “Official” label, to distinguish accounts

Until recently, the “Blue check” on Twitter it was proof that the account really belonged to a reputable person or institution: journalists and newspapers, politicians, actors, influencers. But with the changes wanted by Elon Muskeveryone can subscribe to Twitter Blue and have a tick next to your name: that’s why it arrives an “Official” label to distinguish these personalities.

Twitter, check the “Official” label which counts as a blue check

Esther Crawfordwho serves as Twitter’s Productor Management Director, unveiled in a tweet the new label for verified accounts. It will appear next to the name the “Official” label, that not everyone will be able to obtain. It will be the equivalent of the blue check used until before Elon Musk’s arrival.

Because the blue check can instead be purchased for $ 7.99 a month, along with other news for users of Twitter Blue, the paid version of the social network. Everyone will have the blue checkmark, while the Official label will only arrive on the accounts of governments, companies, major newspapers, publishers and some public figures.

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So the blue paid check will only be used to let other users know that you have paid for a subscription. Which also gives you the ability to edit tweets and post longer audio and video. In addition to all the possibilities (e.g. filter mentions) that Twitter Blue had before, for $ 4.99 a month instead of the $ 7.99 proposed by Elon Musk.

If it seems to you that this whole double step of verifying the account with a label instead of a blue check seems complicated, you are not alone. Several commentators think that this label came only to remedy the problem created by the give the blue check to all those who pay. How to distinguish the accounts of serious journalistic institutions from those who spread fake news? How to tell if you are talking to your favorite actor or a troll?

So the question is: is it worth paying more for this blue tick? Soon we will be able to understand this from the numbers of verified accounts on Twitter. We will keep you posted.

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