Twitter Blue for Business, double badge for companies and employees

Twitter Blue for Business, doppio badge per aziende e dipendenti thumbnail

Twitter launched a new badge for Blue for Business, which offers a square badge next to the name of companies and employees to identify membership of an organization. And it promises more news in the coming year.

Twitter Blue for Business, double badge for companies and employees

Last week Twitter had relaunched the new version of Twitter Blue, its subscription that had caused so much chaos when it first launched. Now, instead of having one-size-fits-all badges, the companies that buy Twitter Blue for Business may have a gold tick next to your name. And today, on blogTwitter announces something new.

Product manager Esther Crawford explained that the new pilot program provides a small badge to display next to the name of a company’s employees. For instance, Twitter employees will have the company’s square logo next to their name.

Brands will be able to affiliate an unlimited number of collaborators with this square badge, which will link directly to the company profile. Also, ibrand and media outlets have square profile photos instead of round ones.

According to Twitter, this will make it possible to quickly recognize who works for a company, including sportsmen for their team and journalists for their reference magazine.

At the moment, however, it is not clear which other novelties will arrive “in 2023” neither how much it will cost this version of Twitter Blue for Business. The different name suggests that it comes with a different subscription plan, but the project is currently in pilot phase and there are no details about it.

We will keep you updated on this news. Even if Twitter at the moment is making headlines for something else, in particular for the survey that Elon Musk he did asking if he should resign as CEO of the social network. Poll closed with 57.5% of users asking him to resign.

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