Nintendo Switch: the Big N celebrates Advent with indies

INNO DAY: OPPO svela le nuove tecnologie

The giant of Kyoto, at Christmas, puts his … literally: the Advent Calendar of the indies for Nintendo Switch is open

Needless to do it on purpose, with impeccable timing, Nintendo Switch “stole our idea” (actually not) and subdivided a whole Indie World in the last days ofAdvent. Well yes, while we are intent on celebrating one of the best indie games released on the hybrid console, ironically the Big N has done the same. In fact, since yesterday, the Anglophone social channels of the crimson titan have been opening the windows of a metaphorical “home of the indies”, and as we have seen since the first announcements we have both updates on the development of different titles and authentic full-blown shadow drops.

The Advent Calendar (the official one) of indies on Nintendo Switch

The first announcement at the end of Advent, in the past 24 hours, has in fact included the surprise release on Nintendo Switch of two great little indie gems. Let’s talk about the case Mortal Shell: Complete Edition e you Floppy Knights. In addition to this, we also have a port of Pupperazzi, coming next year, in which we will have to photograph puppies. Next summer we will also see the first person narration title Roman Sands Re:Build, also coming to PC. We let you consult the most recent post on the Twitter profile of the Kyotense giant for the latest news from videogame craftsmanship.

The latest Indie World dates back to early November, with over 20 titles featured in the showcase. One of them, Sports Story (sequel to Golf Story, dated 2017), is scheduled for this month, which suggests that the launch is scheduled for the week. As for the titles in the post above, we can admire the “reptilian” adventure The Gecko Godsthe cosmic experience inspired by PC classics The Captainil remaster del roguelike Risk of Rain Returns and, finally, the puzzle-platformer The Punchuin. The latter and The Captain are available as of todaywhile The Gecko Gods and Risk of Rain Returns are not expected until next year.

Now it’s up to you to have your say: what do you think of the Grande N initiative? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.

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