Twitter creators will start getting paid next week

I creator su Twitter inizieranno ad essere pagati dalla prossima settimana thumbnail

As early as next week, i creator su Twitter they will have the opportunity to be get paid, as is the case on other social networks. A beta version will therefore be launched to test its function.

Creators on Twitter will get paid. Here are the details

Elon Musk has said he wants to pay creators on Twitter as early as next week. The idea is to have an interesting social threadthanks to the presence of creators who have created content and who are paid to do it.

At the time the Tesla owner bought Twitter, he expected to exceed YouTube’s payout rate to the creators of the 55% of total advertising revenue give them videos.

Twitter Introduced “For You” Content

The social changed the way users can switch between using content in chronological order or algorithm: with uno swipe, you can pass by Follow the page For You – which directly recalls the homonymous section of TikTok.

Twitter Per Te directly recalls in its name the functionality of TikTok, which makes its most formidable weapon of its algorithmic content suggestion. But it displays content in a similar way as the did old “Home” option in Twitter: content in order of relevance instead of chronological of your followers, interspersed with suggested tweets based on your interests.

Twitter victim of hacker attack

The attack is not recent, but it would date back to 2021then two years ago, when hackers managed to find a bug in the programming interface of the Twitter app, thus managing to steal the data of over 200 million users.

Only recently, however, Twitter has admitted the existence of this flaw, now fixed, only ad August 2022. Furthermore, the bug apparently did not allow hackers to get hold of account passwords or other sensitive information.