What is a gigantic PlayStation 5 doing in the heart of Rome? • techgameworld.com

The key number to understand everything is 5. And it is certainly no coincidence. Until February 5 it is in fact possible to admire a gigantic installation, 5 meters high, depicting a PlayStation 5 at Largo dei Lombardi, in Rome. Faithful playback also includes HDMI outputs and power input, but no: stop now, you’re not going to play with it.

The installation is part of the new campaign called Live from PS5 which, in addition to celebrating the popular Sony home console, also pays homage to the various game worlds: the exclusive PS5 titles.

PlayStation 5: the new campaign passes through Rome

The Live from PS5 spot, which you find below, is already on air on the various official channels and winks at some of the best games for PlayStation 5. For Italy, the spot sees the participation of Diana Del Buffalo.

The realization of the Roman installation took more than 30 days of work and employed a team of 25 people. The structure was built with a strong green footprintthanks to the use of zero impact materials and entirely recyclable (such as styrofoam, metal and metamark), of water paints e you solar panels.

Meanwhile, as part of the same campaign, Sony has announced greater availability of PlayStation 5 for 2023. The company also presented some of the innovations that will characterize the current year, including new features, games and accessories. Among these we mention the new controller wireless DualSense Edgewhile on February 22nd the highly anticipated market launch of PlayStation VR2which will include more than 30 games at launch including Horizon Call of the Mountain, Gran Turismo 7 and Resident Evil Village.