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Twitter, Facebook and Instagram down for thousands of users

Users of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram e YouTube they encounter gods problems last wednesday with all these platforms and at the same time. Many have even lost access to basic functions.

The problems presented simultaneously on the most well-known platforms: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram down

Wednesday, or yesterday, an unusual event occurred. On the main entertainment platforms, i.e. on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, there were operating problems and all at the same time.

The first reports came from Twitter, a social network where users reported receiving a message telling them they’d reached their “tweet limit” for the day. In fact, Musk’s social network has a daily tweet limit of 2,400 tweets per day. However, most users don’t tweet that much. Therefore, having received the message that the maximum tweet limit was reached meant there was an error deriving from the system.

Indeed, NetBlocks, a watchdog organization that tracks web outages around the world, confirmed Wednesday that Twitter was experiencing “international outages” impacting a number of its features. The social network then released a short message apologizing for the inconvenience and that they would have done everything to fix the problem.

Also on facebook and instagramAlso on Wednesday, users encountered some problems: they were unable to publish stories and access Messenger.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram down for thousands of users

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Finally, some people reported that they were unable to open the homepage normally YouTube. The message repeatedly appeared: “Something went wrong. Please try again.” Of course, the video platform also welcomed the complaints and said it was getting to work immediately to resolve the inconvenience.

When people realized that the major web platforms in the world were having problems at the same time, Twitter came alive with memes and conspiracy theories.

We don’t know exactly what happened and if it’s just a coincidence that all the main web platforms have had a collapse at the same time.

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