Toy Story 5: Tim Allen confirms the return of Buzz Lightyear

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Actor Tim Allen Confirms Buzz Lightyear Returns in Disney’s Beloved Sequel; toy story 5.

An air of great news arriving at Walt Disney Animation. Only recently the CEO Bob Iger, had announced the working of some famous sequels of the well-known Disney animation house; including also Toy Story 5. Here are Bob Iger’s statements:

I am pleased to announce that we have sequels to our most popular animated franchises in the works: Toy Story, Frozen and Zootopia. We’ll be sharing more on these productions very soon, but it’s just one example of how we’re investing in our unrivaled brands and franchises.

The news was immediately welcomed with great enthusiasm by the public, it was later confirmed by the well-known actor Tim Allenfamous historical astronaut voice Buzz Lightyear.

Toy Story 5: everything we know about the new Disney sequel

See you soon Woody. You are a strange sad little man and I pity you. And let’s go to number 5! To infinity and beyond!

A hilarious Twitter commentary with Buzz Lightyear’s iconic joke; Tim Allen confirms his participation in the Toy Story 5 sequel. Only recently, Allen’s presence had been replaced by the Marvel actor Chris Evans nel for spin-off Lightyear (film released defeated by strong negative criticism, after its debut on the big screen).

Also, with the return of Lightyear, it’s impossible not to speculate about other great characters from the well-known franchise. Among them the companion of adventures Woody (voiced by the inevitable Tom Hanks), finally reunited with the lost love of all time Bo Peep (Annie Potts); before saying goodbye to Bonnie’s toys, to a kid-free life on the road in Toy Story 4.

Only a few years before the film producer Jonas Rivera, had reported the possibility of being able to continue the Toy Story franchise; focusing attention on the other protagonist toys of the series. At the moment no release dates and official trailers have been released on the next chapter Toy Story 5.

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