Twitter, gli hacker pubblicano i dati di oltre 5,4 milioni di account thumbnail

Twitter, hackers publish the data of more than 5.4 million accounts

And forum hacker published the data online over 5.4 million Twitter accounts, stolen earlier this year. Furthermore, it appears that the hackers have also stolen the information of over 1.4 million accounts suspendedbut this data was only shared privately.

Twitter: hackers publish the data of more than 5.4 million accounts

In the first part of this year, a vulnerability API allowed hackers to steal over 5.4 million user data to Twitter. The same company he recognized the problem officially in August.

A hacker forum called Breached has now exposed these users’ data online. And he told Bleeping Computer that he had stolen the information from another 1.4 million accounts, sharing them privately. This data would have been obtained through another API vulnerability. There is currently no confirmation from Twitter on the authenticity of the information. But it pays to exercise great caution, just to be safe.

If the situation already seems problematic, according to some security experts the problem could also affect other users. Indeed with that API they may have collected information of tens of millions of users. Among the stolen data, phone numbers linked to names and other public information.

The security expert Chad Loder posted a redacted example of the Mastodon leak (Twitter banned it for unknown reasons). He states that there may be data of 17 million users.

Phone numbers and email addresses, if real, could be used by other hackers to perpetrate scams e phishing. Also, they could reveal the identity of anonymous users on the social network, particularly dangerous situation for the dissidents of some dictatorial regimes, for example.

If you find emails or messages from Twitter in the next few days, check carefully before opening them to avoid scams and phishing. We will keep you posted.

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