Twitter is “Tiktokizing”: a small revolution in video content arrives

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After Instagram with the introduction of the Reels, too Twitter is giving in to new video trends on social platforms. The company is in fact carrying out a small revolution, announcing the imminent switch to an immersive full screen video interface, as happens on TikTok. A layout specially designed not to distract the user from the content, and to keep it as much as possible on the video itself.

Even the transition between different contents will be in TikTok style, with the now usual swipe-up gesture to go to the next video.

How Twitter Videos Will Change

The announced update will make watching videos on very similar to browsing TikTok and Instagram’s Reels, at least in terms of user interface. The changes are currently limited to the iOS appbut Twitter announced that a similar update for Android could arrive in the “next few weeks”.

The impression is that Twitter wants to lead its users to create more and more visual content. It is no coincidence that the company is experimenting with a special section for recommended videos on the Explore page of Twitter. These novelties will be – like reports the company itself – “available to people in select countries who use Twitter in English on iOS and Android”.

Elsewhere, in another news from the social world, Instagram is about to introduce the search bar in stories, after abolishing the 15-second limit for instastories.