Twitter publishes the first edited tweet

Twitter sta per avviare il test pubblico del tasto Edit thumbnail

Twitter official verified account, mobile app on screen smartphone, iPhone macro. Twitter is a social media online service for microblogging and networking communication. Moscow, Russia – January 23, 2021

There has been much discussion about the possibility of editing tweets, given the importance that the social network covers in the context of public and non-public debates. Twitter had announced the new feature in recent months, following numerous tests carried out. In these hours it arrives instead the first tweet editedpublished on official profile by Twitter Blue.

The feature will be particularly useful in case of typos, allowing the user to edit the post already published. However, readers will be informed, as happens on Facebook, of the edit. An indispensable aspect to prevent content or entire sentences from being distorted.

The first tweet edited: this is how the edited posts will appear

The edited tweets will then appear with the pencil icon and the wording “Last modification:” followed by the time of the last edit.

In fact, Twitter users have been clamoring for the introduction of the edit button for years. In 2020 the then CEO Jack Dorsey claimed that Twitter would probably never add such functionality. The company then backtracked.

Twitter confirmed that the ability to edit tweets will be reserved for Twitter Blue subscribers only, paid service of the platform. The first to receive it will be those registered in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The United States and the rest of the world will then follow. We also know that tweets can only be edited within the first 30 minutes of publication.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has also announced that it will soon be possible to edit the messages sent.

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