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Twitter lancia Safety Mode

He arrives Twitter Safety Mode, the new functionality of the platform designed to guarantee the safety of users. Apparently, in fact, the option will automatically block accounts who send offensive tweets for a limited time. For the moment, however, the feature will appear as a Beta for a small group of users on iOS, Android and, but it could soon be expanded to a wider audience.

Twitter Safety Mode, the function for the safety of users

“When the feature is activated in your Settings, our systems will evaluate the likelihood of negative engagement by considering both the content of the Tweet and the relationship between the author of the Tweet and the user who responds.” So the senior product manager Jarrod Doherty features Twitter’s Safety Mode. “Our technology takes into account existing relationships, so the accounts you follow or interact with frequently won’t be automatically blocked.” For all other accounts, however, the temporary blocking lasts seven days, although it seems that automatic blocks started by mistake will be possible.

Twitter showed the Safety Mode feature back in February, but we didn’t know at the time when it would officially launch. Now, however, it seems to become reality. On the other hand, this is the umpteenth action of the platform aimed at guaranteeing the safety of users. Among other actions are the possibility of hide the answers, to limit who can reply to their posts and to show a warning before tweeting a potentially harmful reply. Yet despite the new features, harassment continues to be a big problem on the platform. This was recently demonstrated by the racist abuse against black players of the English football team after the loss of the Euro 2020 championship. But Twitter does not give up. And he tries to make the platform a safe place with all his might.

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