Twitter: novità per iOS, arriva la funzione Top Articles thumbnail

Twitter: news for iOS, the Top Articles function arrives

The function Top Articles Twitter, which automatically creates a report of the most popular articles of Blue, the social network’s paid network, is now available on iOS, as the company anticipated last week. The feature has long been available on Android and the web, but now all iOS users who subscribe to Twitter’s paid service should be able to see a roundup of daily trends as well.

Twitter: Top Articles arriva su iOS

Top Articles is a kind of spiritual successor to Nuzzel, a service that did essentially the same thing, but via email. Nuzzel was run by a company called Scroll and was shut down when Twitter acquired the company earlier this year. The social network explained that at the time it had plans to revive Nuzzel, and now its most popular feature is available to anyone who is a Twitter Blue subscriber. The premium service offers users extra features such as the ability to “unsubscribe” tweets or read articles without ads.

On the one hand, then, Twitter Blue subscribers who miss Nuzzel will likely be thrilled that Top Articles is now available on all major platforms. On the other hand, however, many are complaining that the function should also be made available for free users.

Although it generally makes sense that articles without commercial break are such by paying for a subscription, according to many Twitter Blue, as a whole, should be a basic feature that should be available to everyone.

In this sense, Threader (an app that makes Twitter threads more readable by formatting them as articles) announced Monday that it had been acquired by Twitter and is expected to be included in Twitter Blue shortly. While this is probably good news for those with Blue, the fact that it’s yet another feature behind a paywall won’t help free users navigate threads more easily.

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