Samsung SAVE for Education: the (good) giant on the side of children

Samsung’s corporate volunteer program is enriched with a series of lessons on three different themes – cooking, creative writing and digital civics – held by grandparents together with employees to help children who find themselves in educational poverty Barona and Giambellino the first two areas involved

Samsung Electronics Italia today announces Save for Education, project aimed at combating educational poverty of children and adolescents, or the impossibility for minors to learn and develop skills, cultivate talents and aspirations.

Samsung’s SAVE for Education project

In our country, educational poverty affects thousands of children, depriving them of the opportunity to discover their attitudes and enhance their talent. In fact, due to difficult economic conditions, many children and young people do not have the same opportunities as their peers. In Italy they are over 1.3 million children living in absolute poverty (Source: Istat 2021), that is, without those fundamental assets to lead an acceptable life. Economic poverty is a factor that can facilitate educational poverty with the consequence that in Italy 1 in 7 minors leaves their studies prematurely (Source: Eurostat), almost half of children and adolescents (6-17 years) do not read a single book in a year (Source: Istat) and 1 in 5 does not do sports (Fonte: Openpolis).

Samsung SAVE for Education: the (good) giant on the side of children

In this scenario, Samsung has launched SAVE for Education, a new pilot project in collaboration with Spazio Aperto Servizi Onlus to help children aged 6 to 14 to discover new interests and skills, fueling their curiosity and passions. It is a series of lessons on three different themes – cooking, creative writing and digital civics – held by senior people, who have participated in the previous editions of SAVE for Seniors, together with Samsung employees who adhere to SAVE, SAmsung Volunteer Employee, the corporate volunteer program, which involves the entire population of Samsung Electronics Italia to allow employees to play an active role in concrete projects for the common good. The choice to involve seniors has the goal of create a moment of encounter and exchange between the two generations, for a two-way enrichment. The experiential baggage of the seniors will be transmitted to the children, in a completely new and different context from the school one, absolutely pleasant and fun.

Samsung SAVE for Education: the (good) giant on the side of children

Distance education becomes more accessible

In this phase, the courses in virtual mode will involve children and young people from some areas of Milan – Barona and Giambellino – who attend the “task areas” managed by Spazio Aperto Servizi Onlus, a social cooperative that takes care of people living in situations of fragility, through a network of social-health, welfare, educational and housing services. Anastasia Buda, Corporate Citizenship Manager of Samsung Electronics Italia, comments:

We live in a historical moment where the pandemic has further accentuated inequalities, especially in large cities. The health and economic crisis has inevitably generated new pockets of poverty with repercussions also on the new generations. Like Samsung, we want to give our contribution and do our part to be able to stem the phenomenon in some way. Our employees together with seniors have the opportunity to create moments of comparison and enrichment for young people from difficult social backgrounds, helping them to discover new passions and skills. Being curious about the world and cultivating new interests is essential to seize future opportunities for personal and professional growth. For 30 years we have been giving our support in Italy with new technologies and promoting a digital culture.

Maria Grazia Campese, President of Spazio Aperto Servizi, on the other hand, states:

Our task spaces, present for years in the areas of the city of Milan that are in particularly critical conditions, are created to build interventions in support of children and their families. They are places of study support dedicated to children and young people who have difficulties related to the didactic-educational and inclusion path, but also spaces for socialization, awareness and enhancement of their neighborhood. Places where the youngest are the protagonists but who are also able to connect strongly with their families. Thanks to Samsung we will be able to offer children and teenagers special moments of growth and fun, in which everyone can express their creativity and personal attitudes, through new and engaging ways.

Samsung SAVE for Education: the (good) giant on the side of children

Save for Education is a project that is fully part of the vision di Corporate Social Responsibility di Samsung “Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People”. By offering training opportunities at various levels, Samsung is alongside students, teachers, university students to help them acquire the fundamental skills related to the world of innovation and digital, to encourage the development of soft skills and placement in the world of work. and to allow the innovators of tomorrow to reach their full potential and become the new leaders who will guide the processes of positive evolution in the social sphere. Promoting quality, inclusive and equal education and guaranteeing lifelong learning opportunities for all is the fourth objective of the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations as a strategy “to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. Indeed, the aim is to ensure, by 2030, a completely free, equal and quality primary and secondary education for all boys and girls in the world.

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