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Twitter SMS two-factor authentication not working

Twitter SMS two-factor authentication not working thumbnail

Several users Twitter are reporting problems accessing their account, why SMS for two-factor authentication (2FA) do not arrive. Messages do not arrive or are hours late. They make it impossible for many users to login.

Twitter SMS two-factor authentication not working

Two-factor authentication makes it more secure access to your accounts, for years all security experts have recommended this method to access services of all kinds. But what to do when it doesn’t work?

Wired USA reports that several users are failing to log in with the two-factor authentication system. Receive i codes via SMS is not the most secure method to carry out 2FA checks, but many companies use it (and it’s better than the password alone). But when it doesn’t work, you risk being “logged out” of your account.


It is not clear at the moment what problem may have caused this difficulty. Also because Twitter no longer has a press communications department after i Elon Musk firings, so no one has responded to inquiries from Wired USA and other outlets about the issue. It could also be an external problem, but without official confirmation it becomes impossible to say definitively.

It could be a temporary problem. But the advice is to switch to a more effective type of authentication if you currently have access to the account. For example using Google Authenticator or similar. That’s enough:

  • Go to Settings
  • Look for the entry Privacy
  • Select the Account Access and Security
  • Safety
  • Choose Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Disable via SMS and choose Authentication App

Doing so should solve the problem, without decreasing (and indeed increasing) the security of your Twitter account.

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