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How the Fantasy World works: the rules and how to play for free

After hearing the words “papalina” come out of the mouths of the Sanremo participants, the world of fantasyfootball returns to where it was born: on the green lawn. A few days before the start of the controversial Qatar 2022 World Cup, the official app of the Fantasy world. It is a decidedly different game from Fantasy Football as we know it. So let’s find out the regulation of the Fantasy World and how to play.

First you will need to download the app. This is free and you can find it available on the App Store (for iOS devices) and on the Google Play Store (for Android users). The game is made in collaboration with, therefore if you already have a account you can log in with your credentials. If, on the other hand, you are a new user, simply register by entering your email address and creating a password.

Well, now let’s find out how to play and what the rules are.

How to play? The regulation of Fantasy World

Once logged in, the game will ask you to choose one of the four assistant coaches available (we’ll see what they’re for shortly). These are Riccardo Treviso (journalist and sports commentator), Pierluigi Pardo (journalist, presenter and sports commentator), Ema & Fabio (creator of Che Fatica la vita da Bomber) e JustRohn (gamers on FIFA).

Once this is done, you enter the first part of the game: that of the forecasts. Fantasy World will ask you to perform four predictions: winning team of the World Cup; ranking order of the individual groups; guess which group will score the most goals; the top scorer of the tournament. Each prediction will bring extra points to your team.

Fantasy World1

World Cup 2

Before the start of each single match, other more specific predictions will be submitted to us with respect to the match. Also, before kick-off, it will start the second part of the game: Fantasy World will allow us to select 5 players from the 22 on the field of the two teams. We can also choose to select only 4, delegating the fifth man to our assistant coach (the one we chose before). In fact, each assistant coach will select a specific player for each match.

Depending on how well the members of our quintet do, we will be awarded team points. The points of the players who score a goal, in addition to receiving the classic +3 typical of fantasy football, can also receive a “variable goal bonus”. These are extra points: the lower the probability that the player will score, the more his goal will be rewarded with bonus points. An example? The odds that a goalkeeper scores a goal are very low, but if this were to happen, the Fantamondiale regulation provides for a score higher than the canonical +3.

Up for grabs is a PlayStation 5 console


Fantasy World places all players in a global leaderboard. However, it is also possible to create private leagues to compete with your friends.

The top 5 finishers in the world leaderboard will receive exclusive prizes, ranging from a kit completo PlayStation 5 (sponsor of Fantamondiale) to 12 months of free Premium Packs on Here are the prizes up for grabs depending on the ranking:

  • Kit completo PS5: console PlayStation 5 Standard Edition + Cuffie Wireless Pulse 3D + 2 controller PS5 Dualsense + 1 copia fisica di FIFA 23 + PlayStation Gift Card
  • PlayStation 5 Standard Edition + 1 PS5 Dualsense controller + 1 physical copy of DIDA 23
  • PlayStation Gift Card + 1 physical copy of FIFA 23 + Shirt and shorts kit on the store of + Premium Pack of 12 months on
  • Physical copy of FIFA 23 + Kit shirt and shorts on the store + 12-month Premium Pack on
  • 12-month Premium Pack on
  • In another World Cup-related news, FIFA 23 simulated the 64 matches of Qatar 2022, making a prediction on the winning team. The game had already correctly predicted the winners of the last three editions.

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