Twitter Spaces can now host up to 10 speakers

Twitter Spaces ora può ospitare fino a 10 speaker thumbnail

New update for Twitter Spaces, the Clubhouse-style platform function, which will now allow a 2 co-conductors to host an event and to a maximum of 10 speakers to participate in it. Two small changes that will allow users to better manage the audio rooms. According to Twitter, in fact, the two co-hosts can help each other invite speakers, manage requests to speak, remove participants and pin Tweets. But let’s see in more detail how the new options added by Twitter work.

Twitter Spaces: the new audio room options

Twitter Spaces may now have 2 co-hosts for each audio room, but only the main organizer can send a request to another user to co-host the event. But those who have been chosen as co-hosts, on the other hand, cannot at all send a request in turn. Likewise, only the main host can permanently close the room. But that is not all. In addition to the novelty of the 2 co-hosts, Twitter also presented the one linked to the number of speakers, which can now be up to a maximum of 10 per room.

These updates come after a long trail of news presented by Twitter in recent months. These include Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows, which the platform launched with the clear intention of helping creators monetize as much as possible. Indeed, speaking of Twitter Spaces, last week the possibility was added for users to share the link to an ongoing room directly in a tweet. “You can tweet directly from Space with its currently available #hashtag,” the company said.

“In our attempt to make it easier to find rooms of interest, Tab beta users will now be able to search for Live and Upcoming Spaces by title, hostname and host handle on iOS.” So announces Twitter, revealing yet another novelty that should improve the Spaces experience. In short, it seems that the platform wants to bet everything on the Clubhouse-style function. And, apparently, it is doing it in the best way.

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