Whatsapp temporary messages: a new feature introduced

Whatsapp has released a new update, introducing the new temporary messages feature. Let’s see how it works together

These days, Whatsapp developers have introduced one new function for thesending from multimedia content: the possibility of view the content only once. This functionality is already here I’m in other social media — come Instagram O Telegram, just to name a couple – but that doesn’t preclude the possibility of to introduce the function also on Whatsapp. The announcement was made through the official blog releasing the Announcements level overall after testing carried out through the beta versions. Let’s see how they work together.

Whatsapp temporary messages: a new feature introduced

Whatsapp temporary messages: the new feature

Nowadays, they are sent Photo e video per everything but going to send and / or receive many multimedia contents we will go to to occupy Very storage space in no time at all. For remedy to this problem, and consequently save it space on your phone, the new function comes to the rescue. Sending these temporary content it allows us to send data that non they need to be permanently saved or when you want to give one immediate response Well yes take a picture. These are simple examples compared to numerous possibilities of use.

Whatsapp temporary messages: a new feature introduced

The new option “view once” when sending multimedia content

These files, once sent, they will disappear from the chat once opened. Unfortunately there is one failure: is can take screenshots and / or record the screen. The function, compared to that implemented by Telegram, does not prevent from take screenshots which makes it new function to say little obsolete – if you take a screenshot of the temporary content, at this point it is better to send the content normally.

Despite that, whenever you want to send a Photo or a video set for one view only, you need to select the “view once” option, remaining aware of the fact that the recipient could take a screenshot or screen recording with the media file before it is no longer visible (in that case, the application would not notify the sender with a notification).

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