Twitter will introduce a second tick for accounts

Twitter introdurrà una seconda spunta per confermare l'identità di alcuni account thumbnail

Twitter official verified account, mobile app on screen smartphone, iPhone macro. Twitter is a social media online service for microblogging and networking communication. Moscow, Russia – January 23, 2021

Twitter takes a partial backtrack on the blue tick issue, now accessible to everyone and not only to “special” accounts after activating Twitter Blue. The social is preparing to introduce a new tick which will be reserved for selected accounts and will confirm their identity.

Twitter will introduce a second check to verify the identity of some accounts

The social network therefore chooses a different approach. The second check will be a real badge designed for ensure the official status of an account and the identity of the person or organization associated with it. This new check will not be automatically made available to all users who had been previously verified.

Twitter intends to reserve the new check for a limited number of accounts to which it is possible to associate politicians, government bodies, newspapers and particularly well-known personalities. At the moment, it is not clear what the guidelines will be for obtaining the new badge which, in any case, should not be recognized with the same simplicity of the blue check.

Esther Crawford, manager of the social network, clarified the question, although not yet completely: