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Twitter will open the code to developers

Twitter will open its algorithm to developers from March 31, according to reports from the CEO himself Elon Musk. It also announces penalties for i tweet fakecreated by bots, but also better performance for Twitter Blue subscribers – with programmers who should be able to analyze how this ranking happens.

Twitter will open up its algorithm to developers

The Twitter algorithm plays a fundamental role for the social society. In fact, this is the code that recommends tweets from people who do not follow each other in the ‘For you’ section. Opening it to developers would allow them to understand which posts are the most rewarded and which are the least. Demonstrating greater transparency.

Something Twitter needed, especially after the scandal surrounding Elon Musk’s posts, which according to various sources would have been favored at the request of the same CEO for a short time.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk also announced changes to tweet replies to limit messages from bots and fake profiles.

Twitter Blue Italy countries

Algorithm openness is a challenge for improve its functioning with the help of the experts. Also because Musk himself explains in his tweets that the social network itself does not fully understand it. And after the staff cuts made by Musk in recent months, opening up the software could become an even more important option.

But Musk also explains that there will be differences based on who pays for the Twitter Blue subscription. The replies to the tweets will in fact be ordered by priority based on who writes them: followed users, verified accounts or subscribed to Twitter Blue they will take precedence on other subscribers and bots.

And with developer analytics, we could also figure out how much subscriber posts will be favoured.

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