Samsung Galaxy Watch5: how to sleep better

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On World Sleep Day, Samsung shares some useful tips to sleep better with Galaxy Watch5

There’s a reason why the amount of sleep we spend about a third of our lives is: sleep allows our bodies and minds to recharge your energy and, when it is insufficient, this reduces our productivity and ability to think clearly. For many, however, sleeping is a feat that has become increasingly difficult in recent years. That’s why Samsung is putting theimportance of sleeping wellunderlining how fundamental the quality of sleep is for everyone’s health and recalling the importance of having proper sleep hygiene.

Samsung aims to help people optimize sleep with innovative technologies such as those included in the Galaxy Watch5 series. As the sleep tracking phenomenon grows, around 50% of Galaxy Watch users monitor their night’s sleep at least once a week, and the 40% of them he does it more than three times a week. This helps create good habits, because once you understand your sleep patterns better, it’s easier to adapt and manage them, to get a better night’s sleep. On the occasion of World Sleep Day, which is celebrated on March 17, and of the Sleep Awareness Week® della National Sleep FoundationSamsung shares some useful tips for better sleep.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5: know your sleep rhythms to create good habits

Precisely because each person’s sleep is different, it is important to know its mechanisms and how it works. Samsung has made it easier to track and understand the resulting data. Consider, for example, the sensor BioActive di Galaxy Watch. The sensor monitors each user’s specific patterns – snoring, deep sleep times and blood oxygen level, for example – and presents the results the next morning in the Samsung Health app in a simple and immediately understandable way.

But monitoring isn’t enough by itself: establishing good habits is just as important, and Samsung makes it easier with Sleep Coaching. It’s a personalized one-month program that tracks your sleep pattern for seven days and assigns one of eight animals to represent it. The Sleep Coaching therefore allows you to set up healthy habits and routines to help you sleep well on an ongoing basis. It tracks your daily activities and provides advice and guidance to better manage them, from exercise to nutrition, from mindfulness to health monitoring.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5: how to sleep better

Samsung Galaxy Watch5: Creating an environment conducive to sleep

The very environment in which you sleep is fundamental, and seemingly unimportant elements such as the light from the screen or the temperature of the room can affect your night’s sleep. You can reduce distractions from mobile devices by automatically syncing sleep mode between your Galaxy smartphone and your Watch to turn off notifications and change your phone screen to grayscale. Also, this feature disables theAlways On Display and ensures that the Galaxy Watch does not wake up when you touch the display or move your wrist. As for connected home devices, SmartThings allows you to control a wide range of smart home devices manufactured by Samsung and its partners. Galaxy Watch can also detect when you fall asleep each night and automatically close the bedroom curtains or turn off the lights and air conditioner.


With a better understanding of your sleep patterns, you can establish the right habits to get better quality sleep and have a positive impact on your overall well-being. Samsung is committed to continuing to improve health experiences with dedicated sleep solutions. Ongoing strategic partnerships with industry leaders including the National Sleep Foundation, will continue to realize Samsung’s holistic vision of sleep, offering even more intuitive and actionable insights to help everyone achieve their wellness goals. So are you going to buy the new Samsung Galaxy Watch5? Let us know yours in the comments section, we also invite you to follow our Instagram page, our YouTube channel and stay connected on to stay constantly updated on all the news from the tech world!