Twitter: è di nuovo possibile ottenere la verifica all'account thumbnail

Twitter: You can get your account verified again

Getting a verified Twitter account has never been a small feat. The verification process was initially limited to high-profile public figures with a high number of followers, but has since been extended to all users, although it’s unclear how to get a verified account. The company then surprised everyone, deciding to suspend all account verifications, but now the social network seems ready to reintroduce verified accounts.

Twitter reintroduces account verification

It took almost three years for Twitter to reopen the verification program, and this time the company will do it a more transparent process, with clear and publicly available criteria. The social network had claimed that the accounts would be “noteworthy”, authentic and active as well adapt to one of the six different categories provided by the company that is to say:

  • Governed accounts
  • Companies, brands and organizations
  • Newspapers and journalists
  • Fun
  • Sport e gaming
  • Activists, event planners and other influential individuals

That application window, with the aforementioned rules, lasted a week, before the process was suspended again, ostensibly to allow the company to catch up with the demands. The process then resumed the following month, but in the meantime there was a great deal of confusion as to why some people were verified while others, who appeared to be as qualified as the former, were rejected.

Twitter explained in a dedicated post the reason behind these choices, which seems to be due to some inconsistencies in the data of the accounts in question.

Despite these setbacks and general confusion, Twitter has announced that it is again possible to submit your request for verification. It is not known how long they will be open, so in case you want to have the coveted blue check and come back in the suitable categories we advise you to hurry up.

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