D-Link unveils an all-in-one 16-channel PoE network video recorder

D-Link svela un videoregistratore di rete 16 canali PoE all-in-one thumbnail

D-Link officially presents the new 16-channel H.265 PoE JustConnec network video recorder (DNR-4020-16P). It is a device designed to represent a reference point for all-in-one IP video surveillance. The project is aimed, in particular, at SMEs and companies looking for a reliable and complete surveillance system.

D-Link unveils the new DNR-4020-16P Network Video Recorder

The new network video recorder presented by D-Link can count on integrated PoE ports capable of powering and connecting up to a maximum of 16 independent cameras. It is therefore a solution designed to offer structured monitoring wherever it is needed. Thanks to the support H.265/HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) network bandwidth usage is reduced.

In this way, using the solution proposed by D-Link it is possible to store more videos without having to compromise on quality or resolution. The VCR is equipped with two attacks for hard disk intgrati with a maximum capacity of 16 TB.

This way, recording and archiving footage will be even easier. You can also back up your videos to an external USB drive. The VCR also includes integrated Alarm In ports. Also noteworthy is the complete compatibility with D-Link Vigilance cameras.

There is remote control via app

The system can be monitored thanks to theJustConnect + free mobile application. Administrators can remotely monitor the system with a smartphone or tablet, making the video surveillance management phase as simple as possible.

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