Uber Eats: arrivano nuove funzioni per la sicurezza dei rider thumbnail

Uber Eats: new functions arrive for the safety of riders

Uber Eats announced the launch of new functions designed to improve the safety level of riders that operate on their own app. Specifically, the company introduced the features Safety Checklist, Helmet verification e Ride Check. These functions are part of the path undertaken by the company in Italy within the Protocol on health and safety at work to protect riders.

New features for the safety of Uber Eats riders

Tofety Checklist, Helmet verification and Ride Check are the new safety features introduced to protect the riders who use the app. Particularly, Safety Checklist is a safety checklist outlining the most important precautions that need to be confirmed.

Helmet Verification is the helmet use verification system that is performed via selfie before going online. Ride Check, on the other hand, it allows to detect different types of unforeseen events that the rider can run into. If the system activates, the rider will receive a notification inviting him to confirm that all is well. Alternatively, you can use the button to request assistance or report an incident.

It should also be noted that Uber Eats already makes available to its various riders safety devices. The kit supplied free of charge includes: bicycle safety helmet, high visibility garment, rain jacket and trousers, waterproof holder for smartphone to be applied to the bicycle, lights to be applied to the bicycle and reflective armband.

The company comment

Jean-Adrien Monleau, general manager di Uber Eats Italia, declares: “Uber pays concrete attention to the issues of road safety and our company is fully aware that riders are vulnerable road users. These new functions are an important example of how technology can create a real impact on road safety, and is part of our commitment to preventing accidents, as well as defining new safety standards for the delivery sector “

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