Uber integra l'app in Apple CarPlay thumbnail

Uber integra l’app in Apple CarPlay

Uber integra l'app in Apple CarPlay thumbnail

The drivers of Uber who use a iPhone will soon be able to use the Uber app using Apple’s CarPlay. The integration will be available to all drivers in the US, it looks like it will arrive later this month.

Uber integrates the app into Apple’s CarPlay

According to reports from TechCrunch, which has seen an email that Uber would have sent to all drivers, it will soon be possible integrate Uber into vehicle dashboards. CarPlay is a software product that most major automakers integrate into their infotainment systems. The main display shows apps from your iOS device.

This app integration for Uber drivers in CarPlay it means that drivers will be able to use the vehicles screen for everything, making the job easier for drivers. The larger screen will make it easier to view the features of Uber’s navigation system. Among these, also the heat maps where there are more customers available.

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In the email, Uber also gives drivers instructions on how to use the app, which actually seem very simple. In fact, just open the Uber app on the iPhone and tap Go to go online. After connected iPhone to car wired or wirelessly. Now all the information they received on the iPhone will also be available on the car screen.

At the moment it is not clear if this feature will also arrive in the rest of the world soon, or if the test will be limited to the United States. We will keep you informed.

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