Mare Fuori officially renewed for a fourth season

Rosy Talarico

The beloved series broadcast on Rai2 Mare Fuori has been officially renewed. Now it is a certainty, we will have a season 4

The third season of the beloved Rai series, Mare Fuori, has not yet been aired on TV, and there is already talk of renewal and a fourth season. This was announced by the director of Rai Fiction, Maria Pia Ammirati.

This is a real surprise since the casting for the third season had only been opened at the beginning of March (2022).

For fans of the series who, therefore, will be glued to the Rai2 screen from February 15th, or who already are from February 6th, since the first six episodes of the third season of the series are available on RaiPlay from February 6th, it is therefore good news to know that Mare Fuori 4 is now a certainty.

Although in reality it shouldn’t be a source of amazement that much since the series, conceived by Cristiana Farina has enjoyed considerable success.

Mare Fuori officially renewed for a fourth season

What we know so far about Mare Fuori 4

Obviously no release date is known yetand it is quite natural, since the production of the series has not started yet.

However, the creator of the series has announced in recent weeks that it has almost finished writing the screenplay for this future fourth season.

Once the scripts are closed, the gears will move for reopen the fiction set.

No plot details are known, but that’s no surprise since season three is still missing airing or half of it being released on RaiPlay.

It is nonetheless about a series that is very functional for a fairly high number of seasons. In fact, already during the second season there have been new arrivals at the juvenile penitentiary in which the series is set. Therefore it is easy to weave new stories or create them from scratch thanks to the new faces that populate and will populate the IPM.

To see the episodes of season 4 it will almost certainly be necessary to wait at least 2024.

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