Ubisoft+: l'accesso multipiattaforma arriva in Italia su Stadia thumbnail

Ubisoft +: cross-platform access arrives in Italy on Stadia

Ubisoft announced that Ubisoft + cross-platform access version extends to more countries before launch, scheduled for the next one September 30th and is also available in Italy. Thanks to Ubisoft + cross-platform access, players were able to benefit from new releases and classic games on Stadia and Amazon Luna. Who will subscribe by 29 September to Ubisoft + cross-platform access will be able to keep the price of the beta version of the service.

Founder status for Ubisoft + early adopters at the end of the beta version of the service

Both new and current subscribers have until September 29 for link their account to Stadia or Amazon Luna, based on the availability of services on your territory. In this way, these users will become Founders and will be able to maintain the current cross-platform access price of € 14.99 per month unless their subscription changes. It should be noted that from September 30, cross-platform access will be available for € 17.99 per month. The service will continue to be available for PC at a price of € 14.99 per month.

Cross-platform access available in multiple countries

Ubisoft + with cross-platform access on Stadia expands. The service is now available in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and the Netherlands. The service is available on Amazon Luna in the US and on Stadia for subscribers in the US, Canada, France, Germany and the UK. For more details you can consult the official site.

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