Ubisoft hacker attack, what happened

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Ubisoft told the press that he suffered a hacker attack, which resulted in the temporary interruption of some games and services. The company is investigating what happened, but for the moment it appears that i user data remained safe.

Ubisoft hacker attack

In recent weeks, there have been several hacker attacks on large tech and gaming companies. World giants such as Samsung e NVIDIA. And today we get news that even one of the leading companies in the world of video games has suffered an attack: Ubisoft.

The company reports: “Last week, Ubisoft faced a cybersecurity issue that caused some games, systems and services to be temporarily disrupted. THE our IT teams are working, in collaboration with the most important specialists in the sector, to investigate the matter. As a precaution, we have started resetting passwords across the company. Furthermore, we can confirm that tall our games and services function properly and that right now there is no evidence that players’ personal data has been breached or exposed as a result of this incident. “

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At the moment, therefore, it seems too early to assess responsible, with the company that is conducting the search for the culprits in parallel with the actions aimed at ensuring the safety of employees and users. From what emerges it seems that the reported problems should not alarm users, with the company that has not found any violations of users’ personal data: good news for all gamers.

Some online commentators suspect the attack is related to the conflict in Ukraine. In fact, it comes after Ubisoft’s announcement to suspend sales in Russia of its game catalog and streaming services. However, it appears that the company does not want to jump to conclusions and analyze the situation with accuracy.

We will keep you informed in case there are any updates.