Ubisoft: “Incursion VMC” appears on Microsoft Store, then removed

The French publisher accidentally uploads the new “Incursion VMC” on the Microsoft Store, and then removes it on the fly, triggering rumors

There has been a lot of talk in the last few hours about an erroneous loading of Ubisoft its Microsoft Store, when the transalpine publisher revealed prematurely “Incursion VMC“. The publisher promptly turned around defining the loaded software an internal test, but when the name of the game caused the chatter of the videogame community an alteration was a must. Before the subsequent removal, the mysterious title was called VMC Only. For the Streisand effect, the web has done nothing but talk about it even more, leading to the disappearance of the title from the marketplace.

What will Incursion VMC be, and why did Ubisoft remove it from the Microsoft Store?

The Italian Lumia Updates account retweeted the first report of Incursion VMC on the Microsoft Store, adding a “too late” to the name change as you can see below. Not surprisingly, the use of the word “foray” brings to mind the final lines of The Division 2, bringing the speculative scene to make two and two. Seeing no way out, the French publisher preferred to cut the bull’s head by removing the title in its entirety. At this point, however, it was definitely too late: fans are already expecting news about it within the first days of June.

We remind you that the publisher from beyond the Alps will be present at the next E3, in the new digital incarnation of the event. Furthermore, prior to this erroneous loading Rainbow Six: Quarantine made a premature trip to PlayStation Store under the provisional name of Parasite, which the publisher promptly defined an “internal placeholder”. We would not dare to venture hypotheses, but at this point it would seem to be more of a mere matter of time than anything else.

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