The Green Knight: promotional images

The first promotional images of The Green Knight, the R-Rated fantasy starring Dev Patel, have been released

It was 2018 when it was announced The Green Knight, film directed by David Lowery and inspired by the chivalrous poem Sir Galvano and the Green Knight, a film that has been overdue for years and has been subject to major delays in promotion and distribution.

The initial plans, in fact, provided that the film starring the actor Dev Patel premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March 2020, and was released in US cinemas on May 29 of the same year.

Unfortunately, the health emergency meant that this did not happen. However, the distribution company A24 has released some promotional material to fool the wait until July 30 (day in which we will see The Green Knight projected on the big screen): these are the first images taken from the film that portray the protagonist Galvano on the back of his steed.

The Green Knight: plot and details of the film with Dev Patel

The Green Knight was presented as a movie R-Rated, therefore prohibited to minors of seventeen unless accompanied by an adult. As announced, in fact, the film will include a large number of violent scenes, sex and graphic nudity.

But what to expect from David Lowery’s film?

We know it will be an epic fantasy adventure based on the timeless Arthurian legend and which will tell the story of Sir Galvano (Dev Patel), the reckless and stubborn nephew of King Arthur and one of the legendary knights of the round table.

The protagonist will embark on a daring quest to face Green Knight, a menacing giant with emerald skin. Galvano will have to fight with ghosts, giants and thieves in what becomes a deeper and more intimate journey of self-discovery, an adventure aimed at proving his worth in the eyes of his family and the kingdom.